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Jiangsu Haiyang New Nylon Materials Co., Ltd.

About Us

   Taizhou has a long history and rich culture. There were haiyang county early in the ancient zhou dynasty. Haiyang was the precious gift of the taizhou people for more than 2,100 years.

      Since Jiangsu Haiyang Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.  establishment in the 1970 s, Haiyang Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd diligent cultivation, trials and hardships and following the rapid rise in the ancient city of taizhou. From small to large, from weak to strong. Haiyang Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd  has grow up to be polyamide fiber industry in China is one of the large-scale comprehensive enterprise with strength

      In the arduous process of entrepreneurship, Haiyang Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd always adhere that ‘The customer's request is the direction of our efforts’.We adhere to the way of good faith and also adhere to every products have excellent quality.We keep improving and Create higher-than-expected value for customers. We have established good product image and corporate image.

      Haiyang Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd’s products ‘feichi’ and ‘qiuxue’  Exports to more than 30 countries and regions of the world. We have established a good cooperative partnership with many famous enterprises in the world. Haiyang Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd have won more than 20 national provincial and municipal awards and titles and have been recognized by the industry and society.

      Haiyang chemical fiber Co., Ltd’s staff struggle and sweat in the road of forward. We have won the love and support from the local government, the customers and the bank. We express our sincere thanks for this.

      Haiyang chemical fiber Co., Ltd is full of confidence for the future and Uphold the values of ‘dedicate,innovate,efficient,win-win’. We will be firm in the business of nylon. In order to realize the vision of China's industry leader, fulfill the mission of global excellence supplier of polyamide products and realize the achievement of customers, benefit employees, and contribute to the purpose of society we will work hard to innovate and forge ahead.